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Future Farmers

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Nevenko Bucan: Elektronik, Gesang, Keyboards, Gitarre
Norbert Wally: Gesang, Gitarre
Roland LM Reiter: Gesang, Gitarre, Keyboards, Bass

In 2005, Future Farmers invaded Graz with their self-titled, cross-genre album. Croatian DJ Nevenko Bucan, indie-rocker Norbert Wally ("The Base") and singer/songwriter Roland LM Reiter got together to produce one of the craziest and most surprising debut albums in the history of Austrian pop music. They were #1 in the DUX Records charts, their songs were played on local radio, even the critics liked them, and their album was just about to en! ter the charts, when suddenly their distributor went bankrupt. Consequently, the band quietly disappeared in outer space, leaving only a few crop circles - and some quite unique songs.

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