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Jack Grunsky, 2009 © Josef Pfisterer
Jack Grunsky, 2009
© Josef Pfisterer

geboren 1945 in Graz


Jack Grunsky (* 1945) ist ein kanadisch-österreichischer Musiker, Sänger und Songwriter.

Jack Grunsky wurde 1945 in Österreich geboren und wuchs in Kanada auf. In Toronto begann seine musikalische Karriere, die er ab 1966 in Österreich fortsetzte, wo er gemeinsam mit seiner Band „ Jack's Angels" einen Plattenvertrag bei Amadeo unterschrieb. Nach der Auflösung von Jack's Angels spielte er drei Soloplatten für Amadeo ein und arbeitete teilweise mit Alexis Korner in London zusammen. In Österreich gilt Grunsky als einer der Geburtshelfer und Wegbereiter des Austropop. So komponierte er den von André Heller interpretierten Titel „Catherine", der zu einem der ersten Hitparadenerfolgen von Heller wurde. In den 1970er Jahren moderierte er auf Ö3 eine Sendereihe mit dem Titel „Folk with Jack".

1974 verließ er Österreich in Richtung Kanada und machte sich in den folgenden Jahrzehnten einen Namen als Schöpfer von anspruchsvoller Kindermusik. Er wurde vier mal mit dem Juno Award ausgezeichnet.



Early years in Europe:

-born in Austria, 1951 immigrated to Canada as a young child, and after high school returned to Austria

- 1964 Academy of Arts in Vienna

-1966 began his music career and formed the folk group  Jack's Angels - Amadeo Records, Vienna

- three solo albums for Amadeo Records: The Way I Want To Live, My Ship and Toronto, which was produced by Alexis Korner in London, England, and featured tracks with Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones on slide guitar

-1969 signed to progressive German label, Kuckuck Records Munich

- three more albums: Buffalo Brian, Newborn Man and the self-titled, Jack Grunsky

-1974 released his seventh solo album, Icarus

-Throughout his stay in Europe, Jack toured extensively, performing in major concert halls and music festivals and numerous radio and TV appearances

-1971 -73 hosted his own radio show 'Folk With Jack' for Austria's ORF

Back home to Canada:

-1974 returned to Toronto to his musical roots

-1978 connected with record producer Chad Irschick and released The Patience Of A Sailor

-1979 tours back to Europe with his Canadian band

-Jack was a regular at coffee houses and folk festivals in Ontario

-continued music studies at Royal Conservatory of Music

Music for children:

-1981 conducted a music program for the Toronto Island Montessori School

-four years of teaching music and working with young children

-1984 began to perform live again, touring hundreds of schools in Canada, USA, Europe and Cape Town, South Africa

-1989 recorded his first children's CD Imaginary Window, followed by Children Of The Morning 

-signed to BMG Music Canada and released JUNO Award winning Waves Of Wonder, followed by Dream Catcher, a family concert video; Celebrate! Jack Grunsky Live and Jumpin' Jack

-numerous tours and performances across Canada and US in children's festivals, family concert series, symphony shows and Early Childhood conferences

-2000 released a series of indie recordings, licensed by Casablanca Kids Inc., such as JUNO Winner Sing & Dance, followed by Playground, Jack In The Box #1, Jack In The Box #2, Like A Flower To The Sun & JUNO Winner, My Beautiful World

-2002 produced fellow children's artist, Fred Penner's JUNO Award winning 'Sing With Fred'

-mixed jazz recordings by the Toronto based Nehring, Koller, Braid trio

-mixing and co-production for The Heillig Manouevre jazz quartett

-2006 Jack released his NuJazz instrumental recording titled, Coastlines

-2008 he released a follow-up ‘folk/new-age/jazz/bossa nova' CD titled ‘Room To Move'

More children's CD's

-2008 released new children's CD Catchy Tune

-2008 SOCAN Children's Music Award

-2009 produced his daughter Cosima's children's CD,The Whole World Sings WIth Me

-2009 recorded his first CD in French Partout où les enfants chantent



Award-winning Canadian singer-songwriter, recording artist, children's performer, music producer and visual artist.

IN BRIEF - Jack Grunsky's career as a singer-songwriter began in the mid 60's, spanning two continents and exploring a variety of musical genres from folk, pop, children's to jazz. In the past 20 years he has become one of Canada's leading voices in the children's music scene. His 12 self-produced recordings for children have received all of the most prestigious awards in children's media both in Canada and the US, including 3 JUNO Awards for Best Children's Recording (1993, 2000 & 2006). With his family concerts, symphony shows, festival appearances, school programs and keynote and music workshop presentations for early childhood educators, he has toured across Canada, US, central Europe and as far a-field as South Africa.

EARLY YEARS - His singing and performing began in high school in Toronto, where he played drums in the dance band or strummed guitar in his folk singing trio. After graduating, he moved to his native Austria, where his music began to flourish. In 1966, he formed the popular folk group,  'Jack's Angels', who signed a 4-album record deal with Amadeo Records in Vienna. The group was short-lived, but Jack continued to record three more solo albums for the label and had a number of songs climb the European pop charts. One album was titled ‘Toronto' and was produced in London, England, by blues legend Alexis Korner, which featured several tracks with slide guitar playing by Mick Taylor of the Rolling Stones.

EUROPE 1966 - 1974 - Jack performed and toured extensively throughout most of central Europe. Production and session work included, composing and producing three musicals for Austrian National TV - ORF, and creating music for film and TV. He has collaborated with pop icon Udo Jurgens, and a host of other European artists. He has recorded with bassist Jimmy Woode, (Duke Ellington), and jazz pianist, Friedrich Gulda. He shared the stage with Joan Baez, and was a featured guest on numerous radio and TV specials. For two years he also hosted his own weekly half-hour radio show on Austrian National radio, called ‘Folk With Jack'. In 1970 Jack was signed to the progressive German label, Kuckuck Records of Munich, where he produced three more critically acclaimed albums of original songs. These have currently been reissued in CD box sets. One song was titled, ‘Back Home To Canada' which became the theme of a short film for Austrian TV and expressed Jack's strong desire to return to his musical roots in Canada. 

BACK TO CANADA - In 1974, together with his wife and first daughter, Jack moved back to Toronto, where he soon connected with record producer Chad Irschick. In 1978 he released an independent album titled, 'The Patience Of A Sailor', and with his Toronto band embarked on concert tours back to Europe, while in Canada, becoming a regular in the folk festival and coffee house circuit and making appearances on CBC radio and CTV's ‘CANADA AM'.

MUSIC FOR CHILDREN - Following invitations to conduct music programs in a number of Toronto Montessori schools around the early 80's, Jack discovered a keen interest in children's music education and building a repertoire of songs, soon returned to touring and recording. He quickly gained the reputation of raising the standard of children's music production values with his ‘world music' sensibilities and years of recording experience. It is important to note that Jack's music for children has always had tremendous adult appeal too, and this has garnered a large following of ‘grown-up' fans who continue to listen to his songs after the children are in bed.

OTHER RECORDING PROJECTS - Today, Jack continues to perform, and in recent years has also been creatively involved in producing and mixing a number of other Canadian artists' projects such as: producing JUNO award-winning CD for Fred Penner, ‘Sing With Fred' (2002); co-producing French singer, Matt Maxwell's recording, ‘Comment ca va?'; mixing two award-winning recordings by the 'Nehring, Koller, Braid' jazz trio, ‘What's Held In Common' and ‘Set In Stone'; co-producing and mixing the ‘Welcome Wagon' CD by the 'Heillig Maneouvre'; co-writing the song ‘Citizens Of The World' together with Susan Aglukark, and Chad Irschick for her JUNO nominated CD, ‘Blood Red Earth'.

RECENT PAST - In 2006 Jack released his first all-instrumental NuJazz CD titled, 'Coastlines', to great reviews and affirmed his ‘cross-over' appeal into the adult market. The CD was aired on CBC and JAZZ FM and features some well-known Canadian jazz players such as trumpeter - John MacLeod; pianist - Matt Horner; saxophonists - Perry White & Colleen Allen; bassist - Henry Heillig; drummer - Lorne Nehring; percussionist - Art Avalos, and Lenny Graf on woodwinds.

CURRENT NEWS - in May 2008 Jack has released a follow-up CD titled ‘Room To Move', including nine songs and three instrumentals. Styles range from Nu-Jazz, bossa nova, samba, urban funk & folk. For this recording he has invited drummer - Mark Kelso; trombone player - William Carn, saxophonists John Johnson, Colleen Allen and Perry White and Ravi Naimpally on tablas to join his regular band of session players. In 2008 he also released another children's CD 'Catchy Tune' nominated for a JUNO. He has since produced his daughter's Cosima, children's CD 'The Whole World Sings With Me'. Most recently he released his first CD in French, 'Partout où les enfants chantent'.

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Jack Grunsky wurde 1945 in Graz geboren, wuchs ab 1951 in Kanada auf, begann in Toronto seine musikalische Karriere, welche er ab 1966 wieder in Österreich fortsetzte.
Gemeinsam mit seiner Band „ Jack's Angels" erhielt er eine Plattenvertrag beim Wiener Plattenlabel Amadeo, die Band löste sich aber 1968 auf, und Jack Grunsky spielte für das Label drei Soloalben und mehrere Singles ein. Beim 1970 erschienen Werk „Toronto" arbeitete er mit Alexis Korner und Mick Taylor zusammen und spielte Konzerte und Tourneen in ganz Europa.
In weiterer Folge unterschrieb er beim Münchner Progressiv-Label Kuckuck und veröffenlichte hier weitere drei Alben sowie mehrere Singleauskoppelungen.
Er komponierte den von André Heller interpretierten Titel „Catherine" und moderierte von 1971 bis 1973 die Sendung „Folk with Jack" beim noch jungen Sender „Ö3", arbeitete unter anderem mit Udo Jürgens, Friedrich Gulda oder Jimmy Woode und stand mit Joan Baez auf der Bühne. Weiters arbeitete er für Film und Fernsehen und komponierte Musicals.
1974 kehrte er nach Toronto zurück, spielte 1977 das Album „Patience Of A Sailor" ein und tourte mit seiner kanadischen Band. Ab den späten 1980ern machte er sich einen Namen als Schöpfer anspruchsvoller Kindermusik, die auch mehrfach ausgezeichnet wurde.
Heute produziert er verschiedenst Künstler und veröffentlicht erfolgreich Platten im Nu-Jazz-Style sowie weitere Musik für Kinder.

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