Boner Bitch

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Boner Bitch © Boner Bitch
Boner Bitch
© Boner Bitch



Arne Boner: Gitarre
Frente Boner: Bass
Jure Boneham: Schlagzeug
Ronny Boner: Gitarre, Stimme

The historic truth
Our beloved mother Betty Bitch met our father Kain Boner back in the summer of love.
They followed their instincts in a dirty festival tent while they were listening to that sinful music to be known as Hard Rock.
Kain Boner, hard as a rock, managed to stick his love into Betty at least four times, `cause Ron, Frente, Jure and Arne saw the light of day.
These four handsome boys being pushed to make that lovely noise called Rock since their first birthday (which explains the slightly derangements), were forced to rehears, not to get better but to get a more dirty style.

So in the special case of BonerBitch Rock`n`Roll has nothing to do with rebellion but conformance to the will of Betty and Kain.

The four boys got quite comfortable with the circumstances, which give them the possibility to grasp the aloftness of glamrock with it`s imposing stage shows, which include fire, light and motorcycles as much as a cold beer, greasy hair and the day after.

They bring back these origins to the stage of rock music, unmasked just like KISS.

What punk took away from rock music and grunge didn`t manage to bring back, BonerBitch create with ease and are therefor closer to the pre-metal-bands of the 70`s then most retro rockers.


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