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seit 2003


Anita Peter Mörth: Bass, Gesang
Caro Droschl-Pieringer: Bass, Violine
DANELEKTRA: Schlagzeug (2006-)
DIVANOVA07, Erwin und Stefanie Posarnig,Doris Linda Pse: DANCING QUEERS
Edda 2143 Dead Strobl: Gitarre
Peter Reichenpfader: Schlagzeug
Sol Haring: Gitarre, Harp, Gesang

Supernachmittag (SNM) is a gender bender band from Mozart's home country and t! he place where The Sound of Music echoes through the Alps - the green heart of Europe: Austria.

On stage we drag as kings sporting beards and side burns. Our music consists of punk and rock elements as well as philosophical country gender bender queer tunes with bad language, watch it! We love to perform and play on (and around) stage. Our dancers The Dancing Queers never chill!

We formed SNM in 2003...after a concert of the all female local band by the name KIRSCH in Graz, Austria. Didn't stop playing ever since. There was this great old cellar rehearsal space with a very nice ball dance band. Kirsch used it for a couple of years and Anita (Peter) and I started "open Mondays" with other girl musicians in Graz. But soon we established as a duo by the kinky name SNM (stands for SUPERNACHMITTAG - great afternoon)

My fender dual showman reverb injured my right ear, or the left one. Peta was undecided between drums and bass. Not anymore: s/he now rides a sweet little Rickenbacker. We went to the Graz based pub The Running Horse after rehearsals… later Anita Peter Moerth came to London for rehearsals and I got back to Graz and Vienna for gigs. Peter Reichenpfader supported us for several gigs with his drumming and plays on our CD.

Since October 06 we have a girl drummer called DANELEKTRA, she already played with the SIRENES in CBGB's. Ace. In Brooklyn she is drumming with Kranky. Wee will be playing in the USA for a couple of gigs...

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