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Sans Secours, erste Besetzung, 1993 
Sans Secours, erste Besetzung, 1993

1990-1999; seit 2017

Cheever Monschein: Gitarre (1995-1999)
Daniel Bauer: Schlagzeug (1990-1996)
Heli Zechner: Schlagzeug (1997)
Hannes Jaeckl aka J.Kell: Gesang, Gitarre
Rainer Binder-Krieglstein: Schlagzeug (1997-1999)
Uwe Bubik: Bass, Gesang


The band was founded by Uwe Bubik (b/voc) and Hannes Jaeckl (g/voc) sometime in school, when they were about 16. Soon Daniel Bauer joined the band and with 17 they recorded their first 4 track EP named "Avec" at Oliver Welter´s studio (Naked Lunch) in Klagenfurt. A short time later, the band recorded a track named "No Way Out And" which was released on a compilation of newcomer bands in 1994. After some shows Cheever Mondschein joined the band on guitar and in 1995 the band recorded their first EP called "Sans Secours".
The CD was very successful and was regulary played in Austria´s radiostations. The CD sold several thousand times in Austria alone and soon later, the German record company Community (Naked Lunch, Notwist, Fetish 69) got interested in Sans Secours.
When the band decided to go to Germany in 1997 to release the Album via I.R.S. / Community, Daniel Bauer has already left the band and Heli Zechner (dr) replaced him. Together with Heli the band played about 200 shows within the next 1 1/2 year and was incredibly succsessful - without even released their album "need", they already played on the Bizarre Festival on the mainstage, Rock am Ring, Rock im Park etc.
In fall ´96 their album "Need" was released by Community/Intercord. In spring ´97 the band recorded another EP called "Guaca Mole", but this one was never released. Soon after the recording sessions to Guaca Mole, Heli left the band and Rainer Binder-Kriegelstein replaced him on drums. In summer ´98 the band recorded their 3rd CD called "Reverb" and a vinyl 12" EP called "Boogie Down". In the meantime the label changed and Sans Secours released over Virgin in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France and BeNeLux. In spring ´99, after 2 years and more than 300 shows, the band played their last tour. In winter 2004 the band met again for a 2 weeks session in south of Styria. They recorded nearly a whole album in that time, but noone knows, how it will continue...

(Überarbeitete Version der Bandgeschichte entnommen der Myspace-Seite von Sans Secours)

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